​united as a music duo "iLU" with Shin Wada !

​                  Release the 1st album "don't watch the sun" on Sep 15th !

we, "iLU" , just released the 1st album "don't watch the sun" from the electronica label named PROGRESSIVE FOrM on Sep 15th, 2017.

​Now available on stores such as Tower Records in Japan.

Also online distribution launched on the top sites such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc... all over the world! Please check it.

去年より活動していたShin Wadaとのコラボユニットが正式に「iLU(イル)」という名前で発足しました。9月15日、レーベル「PROGRESSIVE FOrM」より、ファーストアルバム「don't watch the sun」をリリース。タワーレコード等の店舗にて絶賛展開中!

さらにSpotifyやiTunes, Amazonなど世界配信も開始されました。


BLACKUR0's interview posted on 716 Live Magazine of New York !

BLACKUR0 is on page 17~18


BLACKUR0 Goods & CDs at shows !

Also worldwide distribution starts this year!

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