2009        won  the Encouragement Award of Yamaha Music Revolution

                won  the Junichi Matsuda Award of Yamaha Music Revolution Song Contest

2010        organized two events "Sound for Plus+ Night"  and "the power of Entertainment"

2011        broadcasted on a local radio program FM Sakai Egoist

2012        joined an indee compilation album ”Bears Banquet ONE&TWO” distributed throughout Japan

                broadcasted on Brand-new Blood@ Cross Café

                performed at an international event Kansai Music Conference and its radio program KMC Vibes

2013        performed at the local final round of the international band contest Hard Rock Rising

                won Brilliant Award of Tore-con 2013

                launched distribution on  iTunes, spotify, amazon mp3 etc to the world

                nominated for the Building Bridges Award of Kansai Music Conference

2014        appeared on UK's Songwriting Magazineas a pick-up artist on Reverbnation

2015        achieved tour in Aichi, Tokyo, and Los Angeles

                performed at the pre-final round of worldwide contest Emergenza

                became a winner of Getstage CHALLENGE vol.3

​                won Brilliant Award of the Computer Music Club Dee's song contest

appeared on a radio program Live on Hamamatsu

​2016       many collaborations with artists, producers overseas

​               Jerome Pinder (memeticmusic, Canada) Xandra Coopra (US) DJ Seebstyle (Italy)

​               article written on Japan Specialist with over 325,000 followers on Facebook

​               Australia Tourin Sydney and Melbourne

​2017      picked up on 716live.com online magazine of NY

​              collaboration with Olivier Florio, a worldwide producer from France


                                                                                              Singer-Songwriter/Music Creator


vocal, keyboard, guitar

Singer-songwriter from Japan aiming to be an international artist. She composes music and writes lyrics in English, and also arranges and produces all by herself. Her songs are based on Rock and

include various elements like ethnic, industrial, electronica. She performances surrounded by the several synthesizers just like a "fortress". Been on the top of the Japan ranking on the worldwide music platform "Reverbnaion". Also she made her first tour overseas successful in Australia in 2016.

Through these international acts, she believes in the power of music that can get people together beyond any walls.


"I sing because I have messages for all the people who are clumsy, wounded, and stand up to make some noise to this crazy world."

official website

Singer-songwriter / Music Creator

​Osaka, JP