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Singer-songwriter / Music Creator




                                                                                      Singer-Songwriter / Music Creator


​​ vocal, keyboard, guitar


Singer-songwriter from Japan aiming to be an international artist. She produces music and lyrics, from arrangement to mixing all by herself. Her songs are based on Rock music mixed up with various elements like electro, ethnic, industrial, and hiphop. She sings and plays as a solo surrounded by the several synthesizers. This original performance style is called the "fortress". Also she keeps the top position of the Japan ranking on the worldwide music platform "Reverbnaion" for years. Also she achieved her first show overseas successfully in Australia in 2016.
She believes in the power of music that can get people together beyond any walls.

"I  keep singing and making music because I have messages for those who are clumsy and broken-hearted.

​The message I want to say the most is that finding something you really like brings a light to your life as what you live for, just like I've been saved by music."