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"I  keep singing and making music because I have messages for those who are clumsy and broken-hearted.

Find something you really like, that brings a light to your life."


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Composing music, writing lyrics, arranging, recording, and mixing, she does it all herself.
Playing instruments including  analog synthesizers, her music features catchy and emotional melodies.
Various elements of music from rock music to R&B, techno, and electronica shape her music, and impart a unique flavor into her style.

Having experienced playing at international bars and overseas, she believes in the power of music beyond borders. 
Pursuing a new style regardless of nationality or gender, with aims to be an international artist. 

Her voice is soulful and thick, but sometimes very sensitive, that deepens the world of her music even more. In 2022, she performed at BIGSOUND in Australia.



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