"I  keep singing and making music because I have messages for those who are clumsy and broken-hearted.

​The message I want to say the most is that finding something you really like brings a light to your life, just like I've been saved by music."



vo, key, gt

Compose music, write lyrics, arrange, do the recordings and mixing, all produced by herself.

Inputting various elements of music from ROCK to R&B, techno, electronica, ethnic music in my music with my own unique way of creating music.

With unique music composition and magnificent chorus works, sometimes using the analog synthesizers, my music is consist of catchy, and emotional melodies. Having experiences of playing at international bars and overseas, I found how strong the power that music has is. Pursuing a new style which is regardless of nationality or gender, I aim to be an international artist. Soulful and thick, but sometimes very sensitive for the vocals, and I have made hundreds of songs over many years as a composer. Lately I regularly update new contents especially online release, and positively work with various artists or creators for collaboration.